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  • PCH a revolutionary web enabled application that can reduce the administrative expenses for Provider and Payers.
  • PCH can be used without any capital investment, by all types of providers (small to large groups), to submit paper and EDI claims. PCH offers multiple Intake options like DDE (Direct Data Entry), Fax (Secure fax server), Upload Images, in formats like TXT (Print to Image) or PDF/TIF/JPG/JPEG.
  • PCH also has a proprietary format, which is simple to adopt, to generate required ANSI outputs and a print driver which can transmit the claims to PCH server, directly from the Practice management systems.
  • Secondary claims, Appeals and Correspondences can be effectively managed with a unique sorting tool that replicates Biller’s desk to a virtual e-Billing Desktop for merging attachments (Timely Filing, Info Letter, Appeals, EOB) to claims.
  • PCH gateway has connections to over 1600 Payers, for submitting paper claims of Medical, Dental and as well as EDI claims.
  • PCH creates an image copy of the claim with a tracking number for providers to trace, store and view in a secure storage repository. PCH can also submit the image to the payer’s imaging system if required.
  • Providers can check instant Eligibility and Claim status using PCH gateway.
  • PCH has a comprehensive reporting system for providers to view Paper and EDI claims status submitted for all payers in a single view.
Electronic submission of your Paper claims
Simple setup-Easy to use-Multiple profile
Rule validations and Rejection management
Web-based Tracking of all paper claims